Your success begins here

Click here to download an Admission Application to attend Cumberland County College.

Cumberland County College is a springboard for success, and the word is out in neighborhoods throughout our community. More and more people of varied ages and backgrounds are discovering themselves at Cumberland - because we offer quality education at a very reasonable cost. A college education is the key for a better life. At CCC, you'll learn to dream new dreams, and you'll develop the confidence to pursue them.

CCC is an opportunity college, where you can obtain an outstanding college education that's close to home and priced within your reach. The entire college community feels passionately about this. CCC will always stand for quality, access and affordability.

Those with a two-year degree earn an average of $275,400 more in a lifetime than those with only a high school diploma. We have traditional-aged students, students representing various ethnic groups, students who are parents, working students looking to improve job skills - people who have many different priorities and come from diverse life situations

If you have dreamed about college, but think it can't be done, look into CCC. Invest in yourself. Because you only live once. And this is where your success begins.

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